Anxiety Cause – Inside Doesn’t Match Outside

When Your Inside Doesn't Match Your Outside

I had an ah-hah moment about the anxiety cause yesterday.

I was at the Arizona Desert Sonoran Museum giving a workshop.  It was on how to use EFT Tapping (aka EFT) for healing anxiety and to resolve any sort of emotional baggage.

After my workshop, one of the participants shared with me the issue she’d been working on in our practice session.  She told me that she kept replaying the relationship of her abusive father.

Over and over in her life, she’d get into the same types of relationships.

That is something I’ve seen in my own life, my friends’ lives and in the lives of my EFT clients.

Until we resolve our old junk, we keep attracting it…

…whether we want to or not.

But then she said something that really hit me.  She said, “I want my inside to match my outside.”

I perked up.  “What do you mean by that,” I asked her.

She went on to explain how people were always telling her how talented and capable she was.  And how she could do anything she wanted and succeed.

“But that’s not how I feel inside,”  she said.

I could see her beauty and her potential.    But I could see pain.

It resonated with me because I’ve been there.

Sometimes what we feel inside and how we see ourselves is totally different from how others perceive us.

Oozing Confidence?

Once an old friend told me I “oozed competence.”   I can remember thinking, why don’t I FEEL that way?

I was realizing that sometimes what causes anxiety is that we know our potential.  We can feel it.  Yet, inside, we also feel incapable of pulling it off.  Our inside doesn’t match our outside.  And it’s an anxiety cause.

Hearing it expressed that way helped me understand, on a new level, why and how EFT tapping works.

I truly think EFT Tapping is one of the most profound and effective of the anxiety cures.  Have you added it to your bag of tricks yet?

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