Anxiety Cause – Unresolved Past


One of the main causes for anxiety is unresolved issues from your past.

Your anxiety cause is in your past.  Whenever a disturbing event happens in your life – from infancy on – the effects are stored in your body and your mind.  Unless you do something to clear them, they remain.

Cause of Anxiety Example

I’m sure you know this is true and you have many personal examples to confirm it.  But let me give you one clear cause of anxiety.

I have a teenage student who is terrified of dogs.  It doesn’t matter how friendly the dog is, how many times he’s experienced the dog licking him and being gentle, his fear remains.

How did he get this dog anxiety?  He got it when he was three years old and his uncle’s dog ran up to him and knocked him down.  It terrified the little guy, right!

And his brain and his body stored the memory, the fear the the anxiety about dogs.

Anxiety is a safety mechanism.

It’s how we learn about physical threats.  It’s designed to protect us from dangers.

Our bodies are designed to feel anxiety.  It keeps us safe.

The problem arises when we feel anxious more and more of the time.  When we feel a continual, nameless sense of dread that has no clear source.

This is the mind/body system taking the evolutionary safety mechanism to the extreme.  That’s when anxiety actually becomes destructive.  It blocks our creativity and effectiveness, saps our energy and causes physical damage.

Anxiety Cure?

Clearing the Anxiety Cause:  I know of one technique that is actually very effective at clearing the anxiety-producing residue from our past disturbing events.  It’s a meridian tapping method that looks silly, seems unscientific and doesn’t appear to have any chance of working.

But, surprisingly it does.  It’s called EFT tapping.  One tapping technique that’s especially effective for removing earlier life traumas is the Growing Up Method.

I know this has worked to remove the causes for anxiety in my, but I’d love to hear your results with trying out this method.  Leave your comment below!



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