Anxiety Cause – Step One


Often we don't even know our anxiety cause

What causes anxiety?

It’s simple. The anxiety cause is the fact that you’re human. You can think and plan and imagine your future. Therefore you can be anxious about it.

Healthy anxiety helps you plan for retirement, buy insurance, make sure you’ve locked your door.

It’s the unhealthy anxiety…

…the kind that keeps you worrying for days about something that probably will never happen. That’s the problem.

Anxiety Cause - Anxious about an unknown future.

Define Anxiety
Anxiety is concern about an unknown threat.

We call anxiety by many names: stress, fear, worry, concern. When you’re anxious, you might say you’re stressed out, edgy, irritated, frustrated, concerned, nervous.

In how you feel and what happens in your body, there’s actually no difference between anxiety and fear. Although we may think of fear as more intense than anxiety.

Actually, fear is the emotion and physical response to a clear and present danger. You react in fear if a bicyclist swerves in toward your car. You feel fear if an attacker leaps out in front of you.

Fear protects you from danger by setting off a number of physical reactions called the “fight or flight” response.

Anxiety Cause - a dog phobia can cause anxiety

Physiology of Fear and Anxiety

When you’re in fight or flight, your heart beats faster. Your pupils dilate. You get hyper-alert.

You feel “high” and full of energy and strength.

Blood goes from your digestive tract to your running/fighting muscles. Your immune system shuts down.

This is all great if there’s a real danger and you need to react to save yourself or someone else.

It’s not so great if the danger is the speech you need to give next month. Or the economic crisis. Or your discomfort with your super-critical boss.

The problem is that your body reacts the same way to real danger and imagined danger. All the fight or flight responses keep happening, even when you feel anxious about something for days, weeks, months or years.

Anxiety Cause - Worried over an unknown financial future

Our Anxiety Epidemic

You’re not alone in your anxiety.  The world is experiencing an anxiety epidemic.

Our depressed economic situation is real.  We’re bombarded daily with news of potential dangers – a flu pandemic, terrorist violence, global warming.

If you don’t know how to master anxiety, it’s possible to live in a constant state of fight or flight.

When you’re always ready to defend yourself or to escape danger, there’s no way to truly rest and relax.

It can take the fun out of your life. Exhaust you. And gradually degrade your health.

Bad News Good News

But paradoxically, the bad news is actually the good news.

Your human brain got you into this anxiety mess, creating the anxiety cause.

And your human brain can get you out of it, providing the anxiety cure. Stay tuned for information on the cure.




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