Anxiety Cures – Tune in and EFT Tapping


Natural Anxiety Relief

In this article, I’ll share with you a natural anxiety relief method I used to break a life-long problem with anxiety.  I tried many anxiety cures, but I didn’t overcome my constantly anxious state until I used this simple method.

The Problem

Anxiety is slippery.  Unlike anger or fear, it doesn’t have a clear and obvious cause or stimulus. The causes for anxiety are not always obvious.

Anxiety is scary. Often, we don’t want to look closely at the cause of our anxiety for fear that it will… well, scare us!  As silly as that may sound, we fear that if we look closely, what we find may be even more terrifying than living with the anxiety.

Anxiety lays low. Anxiety can be like a low grade fever.  It can be running constantly, even when we are working, sleeping and going about our life.  The bad news about that is that you can live for years with continual, low grade anxiety.

Anxiety is damaging. Anxiety saps your energy, reduces your resourcefulness and undermines your health. It puts stress on all your organ systems.  It accelerates aging.

It dims your brilliance.  When you’re anxious, you can’t function at your best.  And when you feel constant anxiety, you can’t love fully, feel and express your creativity.  You can’t think as intelligently as you have the capacity to.  You are less patient.  And just less fully you.

The Solution

The solution to anxiety is to use some skillful techniques.  Here is my three-step method for quelling anxiety.

Step One – Look Your Anxiety in the Eye

In this step, grab a pencil and paper, sit down, get quiet and tune in.

First, notice your anxious thoughts. Notice the beliefs fueling the thoughts.

Then pay attention to the emotions.  Give them labels.

Third, notice the physical sensations of anxiety in your body.

List what you observed.

Step Two – Do Emotional Freedom Tapping on your list.

This is a simple process of saying a statement, while tapping on one of the EFT tapping points.  Tapping the energy points while being in the anxious state breaks up energetic blocks that have kept the pattern of anxiety operating in your body and mind.

You use one of the statements you listed at each meridian point.

You’ll probably want to learn more about how to do EFT tapping.  You can learn Emotional Freedom Technique tapping quickly and be on your way to one of the best anxiety cures and your own natural anxiety relief.



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