Natural Anxiety Treatment – 4 Ways


Coping With Anxiety

Here’s a natural anxiety treatment that can gradually establish a habit of calm, instead one of anxiety.

If you have a tendency to be anxious, if anxiety is something that comes your way so frequently, you need skills and strategies that you can use to train your mind, body, and emotions to be calm instead of anxious.

And you also need skills that will eliminate the tendency of the anxiety to arise in you.

Here are some effective skills that I have developed over time from living with a tendency to be anxious myself.

First:  Face your fear straight on.

Anxiety is fear.

And it is the hidden nature of the fear that makes anxiety so strong.

Usually when you’re anxious, you don’t even know what it is that you are anxious about.

It’s just this underlying jittery feeling in the body and anxious thoughts that don’t seem to have a clear target.

By facing the fear straight on, you are learning what it is that is causing the anxiety or the thoughts that are stimulating the anxiety.

Then you can do something about it.

What I recommend doing is asking yourself a series of questions.

What are the fears?

What am I afraid of?

What are these fears telling me?

Are there things I need to take care of?

Are there skills I need to learn?

Are there messes I need to clean up?

Are there responsibilities I need to take?

By looking at the fear straight on, you can understand what it is that is triggering the anxiety.

And also look at – Are there things that I can be doing in my life that will eliminate this anxiety trigger?

Sometimes the anxiety is not about what you need to do.

It is simply about the need to face that fear and continue living your life. But oftentimes anxieties are giving you clues of the things that you are living untended.

Second:  Clear the Disturbing Emotion

When you have strong emotion, negative emotion particularly, like anxiety, fear, stress, you don’t have access to your logic or to your wisdom.

These strong negative emotions keep you in a state of confusion, frustration or overwhelm.  That stressed out mode that may keep you busy running around getting things done…

…but not necessarily being the most wise and resourceful you can be.

Negative emotions like fear, anxiety, regret, shame, guilt, overwhelm, stress – they all block your resourcefulness.

And resourcefulness is what is needed to resolve the issue.

The best method I know for clearing disturbing emotions is EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques.

This is a technique that looks silly – because you are tapping on your head and body.

But the science behind it is sound – and more importantly – it works quickly and well.

You simply tap specific stress-release points on your body, while venting or expressing your negative emotions and negative thoughts.

This stops the fight or flight response that kept you in an anxious state will thinking of your issue.  Instead, you are able to face the same situation in a state of greater calm.

Click here to learn more about this tapping technique.

Third:  Reduce Procrastination

Procrastination leads to anxiety.

So you need a simple and effective method to help break procrastination quickly and easily.

My favorite method for reducing procrastination is using a timer. (I’m using a timer right now as I write this article.)

Using a timer enables you to focus your attention on the task exclusively because you have set a limited amount of time to do the task.

Here’s how this works.

Identify the task you are procrastinating.  Decide on doing the task for a limited period of time.

If your feeling of dread and resistance about the task is strong, I suggest setting the timer for 5, 10 or 15 minutes only.

Make a deal with yourself.  The deal is that you ONLY have to work on the task for the set time (5, 10 or 15 minutes, whatever you decided on).

When the timer goes off, you are free to quit the task. That’s the agreement.

When you do this, you’ll likely find one of two things happens.

One – you find the task to be not nearly so daunting as it had seemed before.  Your feeling of needing to procrastinate dimishes.

Two – you find yourself willingly wanting to continue working on the task, beyond the time you set.  Great!  Continue on.

Fourth:  Heart Breathing

And the fourth technique that I have is a technique that really helps the body and mind to be calm.

In its simplest form, you can just think of it as a heart breathing.

If you simply imagine, that your breath is coming into and out of the center of your chest – your heart region, you are doing heart breathing.

Pay attention at the area in the center of your chest and imagine as you breathe in, the air is coming through the center of your chest and as you breathe out, it is leaving through the center of your chest as well.

Just focusing on that heart area as you breathe can be a very effective method for calming down your body, your mind, and your emotions.

These four natural anxiety treatments are powerful, simple and easy to do yourself.

I hope they help you become more calm and confident.



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