Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety, Start With the Heart


Anxiety Cure #One:  Breathing From the Heart

There are many simple relaxation techniques for anxiety that can help you go from chronically anxious, always a bit on edge and jittery…

…to feeling calm, confident, at peace.

I present the first of these techniques in this article.

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Stop Anxiety Now!

When you feel overcome by anxiety, you just want the anxiety to just go away, right?

When you’re anxious, you can’t think straight.

Can’t get anything done.

Can’t respond to life the way you want to.

You’re cut off from your intelligence, your creativity, and all your good qualities are reduced.

If you’re like me, you just want the anxiety gone – and fast.

The technique I present her is one of the best I’ve found for helping to calm anxiety.


The HeartMath Institute has made their business the practice of focusing on the heart. The benefits of this are far reaching, benefiting your health, your intelligence, your relationships.

The heart communicates to the brain whether you are feeling stressed or calm.

When the brain gets the message from the heart that you’re stressed, brain signals inhibit logical thinking and instead facilitate the instinctual brain.

Unfortunately, this puts us into that automatic fight or flight response which will be, by its very nature, “thoughtless.”

When acting from this instinctual part of your brain, we may say or do something you later regret.

Can you remember a time when, overcome with emotion, you said something you later regretted?

I’ve created a technique to create the emotions that calm the heart, signal the brain that all is well and facilitate us acting from the most creative, resourceful part of our brain.

I call this technique HeartBreath.  Here are the steps.

The Steps

1. Imagine that you are inhaling and exhaling through your heart center, in the center of your chest.

Just imagine that the air is coming in through the center of your chest, filling your chest and belly and leaving from the center of your chest.

Maintain your focus on this heart center.

2. As you imagine breathing from your heart, imagine inhaling peace, calm, a feeling of All Is Well.

Imagine those safe and calm feelings filling your heart center.

3.  Continue.  Five to seven minutes of this, done once or twice a day, will begin to retrain your heart, brain, mind and body to move into a state of calm.

But this activity can bring benefits when even done for just a few seconds.

When and Where to Do HeartBreath

HeartBreath can be done when laying in bed, sitting quietly, while walking, jogging or when stopped at a stoplight.

With just a little practice, you’ll be able to do HeartBreath even when in conversation.

The more you use the HeartBreath practice, the more quickly your heart, brain and body will respond with a sense of security, calm and peace.


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