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Finding effective treatments for anxiety can be challenging. When you are often in a stressed or anxious state, your body gets used to being stressed.

It’s like anything you do every day…

…your body gets used to it.

Your body adapts and it gradually begins to feel normal and natural to be in that anxious state.

Anxiety and Adrenaline

Adrenaline, one of the chemicals produced by the body when you’re anxious, can feel good.

Adrenaline makes us feel alert, energized, alive.  It’s the same chemical that’s released when we’re excited.

Your cells get used to adrenaline.  Your cells create new receptors to handle the adrenaline.

When anxiety continues to happen, your cells get to a state where they actually need the adrenaline to function normally.

You might even say your cells have become addicted to the adrenaline.  You’ve become addicted to anxiety and you don’t feel comfortable when that adrenaline quits flowing.

If you’ve decided that it’s time to drop your anxiety habit and retrain your mind and body to be calm, you’ve taken that important first step.

When anxiety feels more “normal” than calm, it can take some time and effort to make the change to calm.

From Anxious to Calm

You’ll need to use a method to get your mind and body into a calm state and hold it long enough to allow your body to learn to feel good being calm.

This won’t happen overnight, but if you persist, it will surely happen.

There is a simple technique that is amazingly powerful at retraining your body to be calm.

I call this method HeartBreath.

It has four steps.

Calm Training

Step One – Find a Heart Connection

First, find an image or memory that makes you feel good when you think of it.  This could be a loving or joyful memory of being with a baby or pet. Or a place you feel good in nature.  Or any memory or scene that helps bring up feelings of joy, love or peace in you.

Step Two – Notice Your Breath

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Notice your breathing.  Count to six on the inhale and six on the exhale.

Don’t try to slow down your breath.  Just notice it and count as you breathe in and out.

Step Three – Breathe From Your Heart

Now begin imagining that your breath is coming from in and out of your heart center. Put your attention in the center of your chest and imagine your breath coming into that space and out of that space, still counting to six.

Step Four – Heart Breath Plus Heart Connection

As you breath in, imagine the positive image you saw in Step One. As you breath out, silently say the words, Calm and Connected.

Continue this process of Hearth Breath for seven minutes.

This method can be enhanced by playing calming, soothing music that you enjoy while doing the Heart Breath activity.

Heart Breath is one of the most effective treatments for anxiety that I have yet found.




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