Natural Anxiety Relief – Triple Warmer Tap


Natural Anxiety Remedies You Can Do Yourself

Here is a simple and effective natural anxiety relief method that you can do anywhere and any time (except while driving).

What Causes Anxiety?

Your body is programmed to keep you safe.  Keeping you safe, means being alert to potential danger.

In today’s world, danger means…

…a conflict with your someone in your life (spouse, neighbor,  co-worker, boss, child or friend).

…being late for an appointment.

…giving a presentation or speech (or just thinking about giving one).

…making a phone call.

…doing something you’ve been procrastinating.

These are not usually survival situations.  But your body responds as if they are.

One of the body’s physical mechanisms for activating the fight of flight response is stimulation of the Triple Warmer Meridian.

Energy Meridians

Meridians are energy pathways that flow through the body on known pathways.  These energy or qi (chi) meridians transmit life energy or qi.

These are the same meridians acupuncturists use in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  They are often called chi meridians or qi meridians.

When you are feeling anxiety or stress, the Triple Warmer Meridian is stimulated.  That means that energy is flowing through the meridian extra strongly – like water flowing through a hose.

When stimulated, the Triple Warmer Meridian aggressively mobilizes all the systems in your body to fight or flight or freeze.

So even though you may simply be preparing for a speech, or thinking about an upcoming conversation with your spouse – your body is preparing you for a life or death situation.

Here’s the problem with that.

One of the things that happens when you’re in fight or flight is the blood supply from your thinking brain is shut off.  Instead, it’s channeled to your instinctual, survival brain.

This means that your ability to be intelligent, articulate, creative and resourceful is greatly limited.

You won’t be able to express yourself with calm wisdom – whether at the podium, on the phone, in the bedroom or in your boss’s office.

What can you do?

You can calm down or sedate the Triple Warmer.

Calming the Triple Warmer, will slow your pounding heart, return the blood supply to your thinking brain and turn off the adrenaline that was coursing through your body.

The process is easy.  You tap on a certain place on the Triple Warmer meridian and that sedates the meridian.

Triple Warmer Tap


Here’s the process:

Time: About one minute

Equipment: None

Location: Anywhere but while driving

Procedure: Tap gently and continually on the backside of your hand halfway between your wrist and finger knuckles.

Find the spot between the bones leading to your fourth and fifth fingers.

Tap here for about a minute. If you are still anxious, tap the same spot on the other hand.

It can take 20 minutes or so for the adrenaline to clear out of your body system, so you may still feel the residue of fear, even after you calm down the triple warmer.

Relax and know that all is well and you are safe.

Knowledge is not power unless you put it to use.  Put this knowledge to use by testing out the Triple Warmer Tap right now – even if you’re not anxious.  That will give you the experience of where to tap.

Action Step

Then answer the two questions below, in the comments.

1.  What triggers your anxiety?

2.  When’s a time you expect to use the Triple Warmer Tap in the next few days?





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