How to Calm Down by Retraining Your Brain

How to Calm Down

Calm Down and Train Your Brain to Be Calm in the Future If you’re looking for how to calm down, this method will both help you calm down and it will retrain your brain to remain calm when upsets happen. This is a great way to calm an anxious mind and body is to do [...]

Treatments for Anxiety: Calm Training

Anxiety Self Help – DIY Anxiety Remedies Finding effective treatments for anxiety can be challenging. When you are often in a stressed or anxious state, your body gets used to being stressed. It’s like anything you do every day… …your body gets used to it. Your body adapts and it gradually begins to feel normal [...]

Anxiety Remedies Heart Breathing


Anxiety Self Help From the Heart Of all the anxiety remedies, Heart Breathing is one of the most powerful and effective for retraining your mind and body to react to life with calm instead of anxiety. This method will give you a simple tool for coping with anxiety. In these anxious times, we all need [...]