Natural Anxiety Relief – Triple Warmer Tap


Natural Anxiety Remedies You Can Do Yourself Here is a simple and effective natural anxiety relief method that you can do anywhere and any time (except while driving). What Causes Anxiety? Your body is programmed to keep you safe.  Keeping you safe, means being alert to potential danger. In today’s world, danger means… …a conflict [...]

Treatments for Anxiety: Calm Training


Anxiety Self Help – DIY Anxiety Remedies Finding effective treatments for anxiety can be challenging. When you are often in a stressed or anxious state, your body gets used to being stressed. It’s like anything you do every day… …your body gets used to it. Your body adapts and it gradually begins to feel normal [...]

Anxiety Self Help – Curiosity


A Curious Way for Coping with Anxiety How to Deal With Anxiety by Changing the Way You Think About It – Curious Anxiety Self Help This is the simplest and most effective anxiety self help method I’ve ever used. Instead of relying on the breath and trying to MAKE your mind and body calm down, [...]