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Panic Away Review panic away reviewPanic Away review:  Two weeks ago, I bought the Panic Away product.  I’ve been suffering from generalized anxiety – nearly constant anxiety for all of my adult life, but in the last few years it had led to health problems like chronic fatigue. In addition to the exhausting continual anxiety, I’d been having surges of anxiety, lower intensity panic attacks.

And since I left the US and moved to Thailand, my anxiety had gotten worse.  It was my constant companion.  My intention was to earn a living with online publishing, but in my ongoing anxious state, I didn’t feel like I was making good decisions or able to be resourceful or creative.

I felt like I was spiraling down into a dark vortex of fear.

The result is that I developed chronic fatigue, from the stress of living with anxiety for so many decades.  It also diminished my joy of life and reduced that adventurous spirit I’ve been known for.

After reading many product reviews and natural anxiety cure articles, I decided to give Panic Away a try.  And when, to my surprise, it was effective, I decided to share my impressions with others.  Even though I don’t consider the price a lot to cure anxiety, it’s a lot to waste if it’s not effective.

Since I know how anxiety feels and how it limits your life, I’d like to offer help to anyone else in my state.  That’s why I wrote this Panic Away review.  I hope my experience can help others.

What Does This Product Contain?

One of the first things that impressed me about this product was the contents.  It contains a comprehensive manual, 4 videos, 8 audios, an active forum of people using the program and a support desk.

This product can be purchased as a book and actual DVDs and CDs or in the instant download form, which I purchased.

Panic Away Review panic away reviewThe Videos

First, you are asked to watch the videos.

They are like an abbreviated form of the manual and get you started immediately with your anxiety cures.  I found them to be an easy and quick way to get immediate help.

Within an hour of buying the course, I had used the central method (copyright laws prevent me from sharing what that is and how to do it) and felt more calm at the thought that I was actively working toward using an anxiety self help cure.

I find Barry McDonagh (the author and voice in the audios and videos) to be intelligent, trustworthy, kind and helpful.  Those are exactly the qualities I would look for in an anxiety soothing coach.

The Audios

Then you are instructed to listen to the audios.

I like that these are easy to return for a quick update and that I can put these in my iPod and listen while driving or exercising.

The audios, videos and manual are similar information, but all presented in slightly different ways.  For me, that reinforced the learning.

The Manual

The manual is 256 pages long, and packed with information.  I was actually amazed and impressed with the quality and length.

At first, I thought the manual might be overwhelming to read, since it is so long.   I was also expecting I’d have to read it all before I would begin to get any anxiety relief.  But there are explicit instructions about how to begin the program.

You are asked to watch the videos and read the audios before reading the manual.  (And even though I don’t like to be told what to do, and felt resistant to following those directions, I did it anyway. Watching the videos first jump-started me right into doing the anxiety cure processes.)

The manual is divided into easy to navigate sections, with a helpful table of contents.

Here are some of the chapter headings in this comprehensive manual:

What Causes and Anxiety Disorder?

21-7 Technique

Driving Anxiety


Fear of Flying

Fear of Public Speaking

Eliminating General Anxiety

The 7 Minute Exercise

Unwanted Anxious Thoughts

Anxious Bodily Sensations

Morning Anxiety

Insomnia and Night Panic



Anxiety Medication

I found it easy to jump to the section I wanted to read about and didn’t feel the need to read the entire manual, from front to back.

I was impressed with the quality of the writing and the obvious intelligence and knowledge of anxiety, from the author, Barry McDonagh.

Video Intro

Here’s a video that tells more about this program.

Who Is This Product For?

Panic Away is for someone who would prefer a natural anxiety cure, a self help anxiety cure. To benefit from this program, you must be willing to learn and use the processes taught in the program (they are very easy to use).

This product is for a person willing to take responsibility for his or her wellness.  This is for someone who sincerely wants to be free of the horrible effects of anxiety and wants to learn how to make that happen.  They have to realize that the cure won’t be instant – it won’t happen overnight.

Who Is This Product Not For?

I wouldn’t recommend Panic Away for someone who wants others to do the work for them.  This is not for someone who would prefer to go to a doctor to “cure” the problem.

If a person is unwilling to do a little reading, listening and watching to learn both more about anxiety and simple processes to calm the anxious state, they won’t benefit from this product.  This product can be highly effective, and was for me, but it took some learning and effort on my part to make that happen.

What I Didn’t Like About Panic Away

I have two small complaints about this product.

The first is about the treatment of Morning Anxiety, in the manual.  Morning had always been the most anxious time for me and the most difficult.  I turned to that section with the expectation that it would be as good as all the other sections had been.

I was disappointed.

I’m not sure exactly what I thought I would find as the instruction or advice for dealing with morning anxiety, but I just had that feeling that something was missing.

Here’s how I solved what I felt was missing with the Morning Anxiety section.  I just started my day with the 7 Minute Exercise, which was  a perfect way to sooth and calm any sense of anxiety I woke up with. So I made my own solution, right from the Panic Away program itself.

My second small complaint is about the watching of the videos.  It took them a bit to download.  Before I figured out the fix for this, I felt frustrated.

It turned out the slow downloading was easily solved when I just clicked Play on the video, then once it began to play, I’d hit Pause.  I went about doing some five or ten minute task, then returned to play the video.

Pausing for five or ten minutes allowed the video to fully upload and I was able to watch it all the way through without any interruptions.

How Panic Away Worked for Me

I’d gotten into the habit of trying to run from my anxiety (very common approach!). And it wasn’t working.

The more scared I was of begin flooded with anxiety, or of waking up in an anxious state, the worse my anxiety got.

One of the things the program teaches is how to turn toward the panic or anxiety.

I didn’t like the sound of it, but something inside me told me it was the right thing to do.

What happened?  The Panic Away processes quickly lowered the intensity of the anxiety and completely stopped the rushes of panic.

My anxiety level is lower than it’s been in more than ten years.

I recently ran into a friend I had not seen since before I began this program. She told me I looked both younger and more confident.  I was surprised to hear her say that, but it makes sense.  Less Anxiety = More Confidence.  I just didn’t know it could make me look younger too!

At first, I found it a little hard to implement the Panic Away advice while in the midst of a panic attack.  That’s because it’s hard to think with your body awash with panic.

But in the midst of trying to push it away (what I’d always done before), it occurred to me to think, “What did Barry say to do here?”   So later, when I was calmed down, I reviewed the steps.  Next panic attack I was able to remember and do them.

That put a quick stop to my rushes of overwhelming panic.  In three days they were gone.  Huge relief.

The general anxiety has taken longer to completely sooth, as Barry said it would. Overall, I feel more calm than I can ever remember feeling.  I’m doing the 7 minute process twice a day, and I actually enjoy doing it.  My sleep is better and I feel more confident, optimistic, productive and creative.

I’ve been doing the processes for only two weeks.  I look forward to feeling better and better – I’ll update this article with a progress report later.

I sure hope this helps you make a decision about what product to choose to help you overcome your anxiety or panic attacks.  I’ve tried to be very thorough so you’ll have a good idea about whether Panic Away can help you.

All questions and comments about this Panic Away review are welcome.

~Natalie Hill

p.s. Click here to learn more about Panic Away and see video testimonials of anxiety-free people who bought the product.

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