What Causes Anxiety?

The Dragon of Anxiety

Those of us who suffer from anxiety often wonder, “What causes anxiety?”  Really, the anxiety cause is no mystery. In today’s highly technical, speeding world, anxiety has become rampant. Most of us have some anxiety about finances, our family, our health, our future. We can’t avoid anxiety-provoking news of world terrorism, economic collapse, diseases, environmental [...]

Anxiety Cause – Inside Doesn’t Match Outside


I had an ah-hah moment about the anxiety cause yesterday. I was at the Arizona Desert Sonoran Museum giving a workshop.  It was on how to use EFT Tapping (aka EFT) for healing anxiety and to resolve any sort of emotional baggage. After my workshop, one of the participants shared with me the issue she’d [...]

Anxiety Cause – Step One


What causes anxiety? It’s simple. The anxiety cause is the fact that you’re human. You can think and plan and imagine your future. Therefore you can be anxious about it. Healthy anxiety helps you plan for retirement, buy insurance, make sure you’ve locked your door. It’s the unhealthy anxiety… …the kind that keeps you worrying [...]