I’ve started this website to pass on to you what I’ve learned in overcoming my chronic anxiety.  It took me getting chronic fatigue and illness after illness to begin to look at emotional causes for my physical problems.

I know that our culture and lifestyle actually promotes living in anxiety.  Multi-tasking is something we brag about.  As is being overwhelmed with everything we’re juggling.  Well, that all adds up to living in constant stress.  And stress is just a more socially-acceptable word for anxiety.

As I got more exhausted, my adrenals got weaker and slower to recover.  That’s when I learned how debilitating it was to feel anxious for hours or days at a time.

Eventually, it was my physical illness that led me to look closely at my tendency to anxiety and seek methods of calming it.

One of the most motivating things I heard, during my healing journey, was from a therapist.  She told me that there was no effective treatment for anxiety.  That could have felt discouraging or defeating, but I took it as a challenge.  I decided I was going to prove her wrong.

My process of learning to become calm, confident and energized, instead of anxious, irritable and exhausted, has covered lots of ground.  It includes diet, exercise, herbs, meditation, meridian tapping, chi gung, sleep and more.