Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety, Start With the Heart


Anxiety Cure #One:  Breathing From the Heart There are many simple relaxation techniques for anxiety that can help you go from chronically anxious, always a bit on edge and jittery… …to feeling calm, confident, at peace. I present the first of these techniques in this article. *     *     *     [...]

Natural Anxiety Treatment – 4 Ways


Coping With Anxiety Here’s a natural anxiety treatment that can gradually establish a habit of calm, instead one of anxiety. If you have a tendency to be anxious, if anxiety is something that comes your way so frequently, you need skills and strategies that you can use to train your mind, body, and emotions to [...]

Treatments for Anxiety: Calm Training


Anxiety Self Help – DIY Anxiety Remedies Finding effective treatments for anxiety can be challenging. When you are often in a stressed or anxious state, your body gets used to being stressed. It’s like anything you do every day… …your body gets used to it. Your body adapts and it gradually begins to feel normal [...]

Anxiety Cures – 3 Steps to Calm


If you’re looking for anxiety cures, here’s one that I’ve found to be immediately  effective at calming anxiety, even though it may seem odd at first glance. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well this works to overcome anxiety. The Problem With Anxiety Everybody has anxious, fearful thoughts.  They are simply part of [...]

Anxiety Cures – Tune in and EFT Tapping


Natural Anxiety Relief In this article, I’ll share with you a natural anxiety relief method I used to break a life-long problem with anxiety.  I tried many anxiety cures, but I didn’t overcome my constantly anxious state until I used this simple method. The Problem Anxiety is slippery.  Unlike anger or fear, it doesn’t have [...]